Karasu to Reijou: Inou Sekai Saikyou no Mondaiji Buddy (Light Novel)

Alt title: The Raven & The Lady: The Strongest Problem Buddy in the World of Special Abilities (Light Novel)

Vol: 1+
2022 - ?
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Karasu to Reijou: Inou Sekai Saikyou no Mondaiji Buddy (Light Novel)

The "Specials" are an elite group that hunts super-powered criminals who've vanished into the dead of night. Kyousuke Satou is a high schooler who loves his younger sister and peace, and is a member of the Specials. Feared by even the most heinous of criminals, he had been secretly working day and night as the ultimate superhero known as "The Raven"... But then one day, Kyousuke is given a new directive: his coworker Arisa Arisugawa has a defect in her superpower, and he has to team up with her as his "buddy" to help her overcome that defect?! He soon realizes her problem isn't just with her superpower when she tells him, "You should be crying tears of joy because you get to work together with a gorgeous babe like me!" Is it normal for a girl to call herself a "gorgeous babe"?! It's obvious that her personality also has some defects, of which Kyousuke begins to take advantage of... But they have surprisingly good compatibility with each other?! It just goes to show that even these problem-filled high school "buddies" who are total opposites can be invincible when they're together!


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