Kara no Kioku

Vol: 2+; Ch: 26+
2020 - ?
4.155 out of 5 from 68 votes
Rank #6,851
Kara no Kioku

Just as our hearts can show gentleness and kindness, just as our hearts can present the colours you think of, they are most likely to have a shape. But if that shape and appearance were to grow, you won't even be able to control it. And if your -alter ego- were to grow self conscious, what would happen to a heart that broke apart?

Source: MU

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The storytelling feels kinda clunky. Like, the depressing vibe does come across, I can follow the plot points that are occurring, and I recognize some of the narrative techniques the author is attempting to use, but there are a bunch of small things which add up to create a reading experience that doesn't feel focused or properly fleshed out. A good example is how some of the chapters (such as chapter 17) end with not one, but two cliffhangers, which are both vying for the attention from the reader. Obviously, the author was attempting to include both a short-term hook as well as a slightly more long-term hook, but it's just slightly...clunky. Another example is how we aren't told the names for characters in a timely manner, which makes it difficult to know which characters will actually be relevant to the story (and also exacerbates the problem of characters looking sorta similar to each other, since we have to be like "so was it character A who had the slightly darker haircut or character D?"). Obviously, we do end up learning the names of the characters so it's not that big of an issue, but it is...clunky. And a final example that I'll bring up is the way things are structured to maintain mysteriousness. A lot of stories do this sort of thing, because when readers lack information they will be more inclined to continue reading in order to try to find out that information. It's a way to hook readers and maintain a sense of intrigue. The problem is that when it's done sloppily, it can become noticeable to the reader and end up just leading to frustration as to why certain super basic pieces of information or world-building are being withheld. And somewhat related to this, the author is currently withholding the core of Yuu's motivations (I assume), but this ends up creating a situation where we've now seen multiple confrontations and fights involving Yuu and we don't have any good explanation for why Yuu is doing what fe's doing so it kinda just makes everything feel dumb. It's okay to withhold information, but if you withhold information for too long or withhold basic information, then it just ends up kinda...clunky. I have a general distaste for stories that have events orbit a single character. It's contrived and silly and leads to an unrealistic set-up for the story. And this manga has shown that it intends to go that route, what with how it's having a bunch of characters have ties to Rei's past and having all of the antagonists and whatnot be almost solely interested in Rei (because Rei is special or unique or whatever bullshit contrivance the author is intending to use in order to justify this sort of behavior). I dunno. Ultimately, this manga is fine, I guess. It fits in with a bunch of other manga that play into similar sorts of spaces. It's not really unique or groundbreaking, and there are flaws in the storytelling and the characters are somewhat bland, but the mysteries that are being peeled back are decently intriguing and the fight scenes are pretty well-drawn. [Reviewed at chapter 23]

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