Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou

Alt title: 51 Ways to Save Her

Vol: 5; Ch: 49
2006 - 2007
3.892 out of 5 from 418 votes
Rank #7,755
Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou

Two people who used to know each other in middle school – Jin, a university student and would-be TV anchorman; and Nanako, a gothic lolita who lives only for her favorite band – meet one day in Odaiba by chance. However, their unlikely reunion is shattered with the advent of a powerful earthquake that decimates Tokyo. Now, in order to survive, the two travel together through the ruins, death and carnage, encountering tragedy and hardships at every turn.

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  *CONTAINS SPOILERS*  I was surprised when I saw that this extraordinary manga did not have a review so I decided to add one. The story revolves around two characters, Jin and Okano, who used to go to the same middle school and found each other again just before an earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude occured. ART : I really liked the way it was drawn, I found it rather special compared to other mangas, especially the ones that present themes like survival. All the characters had something unique that represented their personalities and due to that you can't mistake them. CHARACTERS : Amazing and different personalities that represent the character that is pictured. From the bullied teen to the gothic-lolita that is obsessed with a band to a mature woman that knows how to behave in unocurred situations, Okano grew a lot and by doing that she became one of my favourite characters. Jin grew as well, from searching power in finding a job at a TV station to finding solutions on how to make Tokyo a safer city after the tragedy. If you do not enjoy stories that lack characters then tnis is your lucky day because this is not the case here. These 2 are not the only characters presented or the only ones that evolved. What I loved the most is that they showed the ugliness in humans during tragedies : rape cases, new religions formed with the help of the earthquake, endless murders, people who cannot take it anymore after their loved ones die and they decide to follow them in death, but, even if there is a lot of tragedy, there is still hope : the newborn baby who stopped a large group of people from going on a riot, love, elderly people who risk their lives to help the girls, all these details make this manga one hell of a story. I'm glad I found it and I am pretty sure I will read it again with pleasure.    I hope this review helped a little on deciding if this manga is worth a shot or not. I personally recommend it, especially to those addicted to survival mangas like myself.

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