Kanojo wa Rokurokubi

Alt title: She is a Rokurokubi

Vol: 4; Ch: 22
2015 - 2017
3.863 out of 5 from 161 votes
Rank #5,131
Kanojo wa Rokurokubi

Kanoi Natsuki and her childhood friend Itsuki visit the same school and there seems to be more between them besides friendship. As a Rokurokubi, her quirk of stretching her neck is normal for her and her surroundings, but it's not always her choice to stretch it and although she has feelings for Itsuki, she can't tell him what she feels. Ultimately, she has to go through misunderstandings and shame. Itsuki, meanwhile, manages to make any awkward situations dissolve or maybe not?

Source: MU

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Yakoz Mar 23, 2017
Score 7/10

Natsuki is a cute and timid girl who's in love with Itsuki, her childhood friend. It sounds like a normal romcom.. but she's not a normal girl: she's a rokurokubi! Rokurokubi, according to the japanese mythology, are youkai whose neck is really flexible and can extend up to a certain distance. Is a relationship between human and youkai possible? Read Kanojo wa Rokurokubi to find out. Plus/minus... read more



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