Kanojo ni Naru Hi

Alt title: The Day He Becomes a Woman

Vol: 4; Ch: 20
2013 - 2017
3.934 out of 5 from 660 votes
Rank #4,262
Kanojo ni Naru Hi

Miyoshi is always competing and losing against his childhood friend, Mamiya, who is good at everything. One day, Mamiya collapses from illness and is hospitalized for several weeks. When he returns to school, it turns out he is genetically female, and has decided to try living his life as a girl now much to Miyoshi's horror.

Source: MU

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kilrazan's avatar
kilrazan Jan 31, 2019
Score 7/10

This was quite a surprisingly good read. The narrative is one of the most heart-warming romances I've come across, yet it's not so over the top as to be unbeleiveable. Story: Excellent through and through. Every panel felt like it held importance to the story, and the pacing was brilliant in almost every scene. My only complaints are: a) It gets a bit hard to tell what is or isn't a flashback, which can make a... read more

GodBtw's avatar
GodBtw Jul 1, 2018
Score 10/10

I am actually very impressed this is one of the best romances I've read especially the gender bender which shows that the guy doesn't love the girl for her look cause he said " I don't care if you are a guy or a girl my feelings for you will never change" this just shows how romance & love should really be you shouldn't love a person for the outside , you should love her for the inside . read more

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