Kanako's Life as an Assassin - Reviews

Alt title: Shiawase Kanako no Koroshiya Seikatsu

Kanako's Life as an Assassin
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Nov 11, 2019

Kanako's Life as an Assassin is easily one of my favorite manga ever. From the very first chapter, Kanako - a recently unemployed office worker just looking for a good job with decent pay - might be the most relatable charater in any manga I've ever read. The story is fun and silly, the characters and their designs are all memorable, Toshiya Wakabayashi (manga-ka of Tsurezure Children) showing how well he is able to craft fun, memorable stories. It's also important to note that Wakabayashi, as the original manga-ka, redraws some of Kanako's internal monologue gags/jokes so that they work in English, which is just such a nice little gesture.

About the only part of this manga that I can't in good conscience rate a perfect 10 is the art. It's perfectly serviceable but in a world where masterworks of lineart like Ancient Magus' Bride, Berserk, and YuruCamp all exist the best I can muster is an 8 out of 10. Still, though, don't let that deter you; this is a short, fun, easy-to-read manga that'll make any bad day a brighter one.

10/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall