Kämpfer (Light Novel)

Vol: 15; Ch: 64
2006 - 2010
3.699 out of 5 from 22 votes
Rank #18,326
Kämpfer (Light Novel)

Natsuru used to be a typical student with a crush on Kaede, one of the school idols, until one day he awakens to discover that he’s turned into a busty girl! Having been chosen to become a Kampfer by the mysterious Moderators, Natsuru is now required to not only fight other Kampfers, but also to transform into a girl while doing so. Aided by a stuffed tiger, Natsuru must now battle it out with other boobalicious babes and continue to try to get close to Kaede – a task that will now be easier as she’s fallen for Natsuru’s female form! Can Natsuru keep his secret safe while maintaining his double life?

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