Kami Sen.

Vol: 5; Ch: 27
2009 - 2011
3.39 out of 5 from 149 votes
Rank #11,975
Kami Sen.

Izumi Koutarou's family have lived in Izumi Hot Spring for generations. But the spring suddenly dried up a couple of years ago, resulting in a huge family debt. As they prepare to skip town to flee from debt collectors, the guardian deity of the house, Konoha-sama, appears. Konoha-sama, (who was supposed to be a really fearsome god), appears instead as a cute girl--wearing no clothes. What will happen to their family debt problem? And what is the power of Konoha-sama?

Source: MU

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Moved from my blog (the post was titled Kami Sen - waste of time): There is a guy living in an onsen, he has a childhood firend who has a crush on him but it's in denial since she is a tsundere and there is also a goddess of poverty who is a guardian deity of the onsen. Later on more goddesses appear and it turns into a regular harem. Sounds similar to Maga Tsuki, but it's worse (and Maga Tsuki is medicore at best). Spoilers ahead: It never gets anywhere (the ending is just a status quo), the romance amounts to a hug scene somewhere at the beggining and another one somewhere in the middle (at least it's with the same girl). Instead of romance there is a stripping contest in nearly every chapter for one reason or another (usually the perverted gramps is behind it). Supposdly only two girls are interested in the MC, but because those goddesses are very petty and comtetitive, they end up gunning for him just to spite the others. In short it's just same s*** over and over again. If the series was every funny, it was at the begginning. The goddess of poverty is slightly different from the norm as a character. She is a loli, but she isn't a tsundere, she is quite shameless, calls the male lead her servant a few times, but doesn't treat him like one (as opposed to many other series), heck she is actually quite kind to him (at least when she doesn't get dragged into some competition with the other girls). I really wanted to like the resident kuudere, but she is just an extra in the harem and she doesn't do much through the whole series. This said, I'll probably still finish the series (since there are only 2 chapters to go, even though I've seen the raws), but I doubt I'll be picking anything from this author again.

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