Vol: 13
1997 - 2000
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Daiba Kakeru has always felt like he entered a new world whenever he ran. Tiring himself out by running would cause something like a runner’s high and his five senses would go into overload, causing them to be hyper sensitive. He would be able to notice tiny details, hear ridiculously faint or far sounds and his body’s reaction time would be incredibly quick. Kakeru has had a crush on his classmate Natsume for months now and he's finally able to ask her out, only to find out that she ran away from home that same night. But Kakeru picks up on the subtle clues left behind and realizes Natsume was kidnapped. With the help of his resourceful science teacher Nezu Michiko, Kakeru uses his love as a motivation and hyper senses to track down Natsume.

Source: MU

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