Kaineko ga Natsukimasen

Vol: 3+; Ch: 54+
2019 - ?
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Kaineko ga Natsukimasen

Yutaka Kakii is a salaryman who has been working away from home for the past three years, slogging away in a middle management position. Towards the end of his contract, his wife back home finds and adopts a pair of adorable orange kittens called Nazuna and Yomogi. Now looking double forward to getting home, Yutaka is spurned on by the photos his wife sends him, and his own images of a new chapter of his life that involves a pair of loving kitties crawling all over him. When he finally gets home, however, Nazuna and Yomogi take one look at him and turn tail! No matter what he tries, they just won't take to him. But the cat-loving Yutaka's not the kind to give up so easily...

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