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Alt titles: Meiden Kaiju Carameliser, Otome Kaijuu Caramelise

Kaiju Girl Caramelise
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Mar 10, 2022

An odd romance crossover with Godzilla like story. It’s actually pretty good. It has a bit of mystery concerning Kuroe, main female character, since the very beginning. [1] Romance is nice. It has the feels supported by visuals. Especially Kuroe’s eyes show her feelings. I’m speaking about her human form in particular. Overall visual style is looking more like a shoujo series. Throughout the story there are countless romantic moments. Despite the presentation of Arata, the main male character, as ever radiant person, the looks are deceiving and he is more down to earth and flawed. Kuroe’s issue brings both funny and sad situations and the couple has its’ ups and downs.
Aside from the two main characters there is slowly increasing cast of supporting characters. Each of them has their own issues to deal with, but also provide additional source for comical situations. There is so far only one, which is an obvious trope [2].

The story about monster girl powered by the power of love brings heart-warming feeling that love will conquer all obstacles. I think the series is so far pretty solid read.

Japanese difficulty 6/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores)

The series has furigana, but there are cases, where the series doesn’t bother with it – name calling in background and occasional Gyaru slang from one of the supporting characters. It isn’t that hard, but it is definitely not suitable for beginners.

This review is written after reading 6 volumes (all existing at the time).


[1] At the beginning hinted and later confirmed she was not born as human, but found by woman, who is raising her as her own daughter.

[2] I’m speaking of elementary school boy looking like a young adult.

8/10 story
6/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall