Kabukicho Bad Trip

Vol: 2; Ch: 12
2020 - 2021
4.38 out of 5 from 467 votes
Rank #2,232
Kabukicho Bad Trip

Toru Miyama is the king of all hosts in Kabukicho, and not only does he have drop-dead looks, but he can also read people's minds. On his day off, he happens to bump into Mizuki Hikawa, a stunning male model that he secretly adores. Toru decides to read Mizuki's thoughts, and he finds out that he's really into S&M! It's clear-cut that Mizuki wants to dominate Toru, but getting into S&M isn't as simple as he thinks. Mizuki only desires a partner that's truly into it, and he's willing to put Toru to the test to find out if he makes the cut!

Source: Animate International

Content Warning

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TRIGGER WARNING IN THE MANGA: Drugged drink and rape attempt by a customer towards MC in Chapter 5. ML interferes and punches customer. Mangaka treats consent and rape as important matters. Review by Ksyl pretty much says most that I want to say. Just want to mention some more of what I enjoyed: 1) Extremely good face expressions. Mangaka drew the faces so that they conveyed the characters' emotions extremely well and makes the characters 100 times hotter 2) Pretty consensual. The nipple piercing is a bit iffy, but other than that, I felt like the BDSM play was quite consensual. ML cares whether MC consents, and we're shown that multiple times either through MC reading ML's mind or ML asking about MC's comfort. Their trust and communication is very stable. 3) Cute character dynamics. They're playful, gentle, and caring. They both try to accommodate each other's needs. Their conversations really do seem like real-life conversations between lovers. 4) Power dynamic is not too unbalanced. The fact that MC can read minds gives him a bit more of the upper-hand as a sub. ML is a bit controlling, but doesn't control MC too much in general (e.g. his job as a host). There are things like ML telling MC to wear a collar or persuading (bordering on insisting) him to get a nipple piercing though, which struck me as kind of iffy. The romance of how they got together felt a bit rushed at the beginning, but the quick connection they formed could be explained by their extreme compatibility and sexual attraction to each other. The characters had somewhat developed personalities, though I would say MC is willing to please ML in any way more readily than I would've felt comfortable with. But it's still a pretty healthy relationship. ML is a person who is mindful of other's needs.  Overall, it was a highly enjoying read for me. Great face expressions and an adorable journey in their relationship.

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