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Alt title: The Twelfth Angel

Juuni-banme no Tenshi
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Nov 4, 2016

Juuni Banme no Tenshi isn't your typical sports manga. Its starts off a little slow, but gets clear in no time!

~ Story ~

The story started off a little slow, but picks up momentum over time. For a five chapter manga it does a good job of storytelling. The story was pretty predictable, but there were some moments in the manga that I would have never guessed would have happened. However, the story did a wonderful job at making me cry. The ending felt a little incomplete; so much more could have been done with it. 

Rating - 3/5 | Ten Scale Rating - 6/10

~ Art ~

To me, the art was exceedingly beautiful. The artist captured the mood, atmosphere, and setting of the manga perfectly. The art wasn't too overdone or too poorly done; it was very simple. The shading and shadows of the drawings were also good; they matched the atmosphere of the manga perfectly. 

Rating - 4/5 | Ten Scale Rating - 8/10

~ Characters ~

Since, the manga was very short I expected the character development to be a little " underdeveloped " and I was right. The protagonist " John " was developed well, but I can't say the same for the other characters. I wish we could have learned more about the boys on the baseball team other than their names, personality, and what they look like; I wish we had more backstory for them.

Rating - 2.5/5 | Ten Scale Rating - 5/10

~ Overall ~

Overall, I'll have to say it was well done. The character development could have been better, but the beautiful artwork and setting made up for that. Its an interesting read that will most likely bring a few tears to your eyes. 

Rating - 4/5 | Ten Scale Rating - 8/10

Thank you for stopping by to read my review of Juuni Banme no Tenshi! Feel free to leave your thoughts on it in the comments. Also, this is my personal opinion so if you disagree that's fine, but please don't bash me for my opinion!


I read this for the DMMC ( Daily Manga Marathon Club )

Check it out sometime!~

- Nico

6/10 story
8/10 art
5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Nov 4, 2016

Warning this review contains spoilers-

You know a manga is good emotionally when even though the ending was predictable you still felt sad at the end. Well this is one manga that manage to keep this emotional idea in a secure place despite being really predictable, but it was a good short manga. Plus it has sports (which does end up being a minor element of the manga).


The story is predictable, you'll probably find that everyone who reads it can telll what would happen by the 3rd chapter but it still had a solid story that was gripping to the end. You also get this feeling that even though you know something is going to happen you hope it doesn't in the end, but just warning you this is definetly an emotional ride. The pacing of the story was decent, it was quite slow at first but speeds up quite a bit when reaching the climax.


The art was perfect for this type of story...honestly I haven't got anything to complain about it. It conveyed the story perfectly and it was fluent overall. I felt like it reflected the drama and slice of life elements in the manga well without making it seem too crazy.


The characters were the debatable thing, they just felt a bit empty as we didn't get an insight into the majority of the characters and we stuck with the main guy. Even the main child of the story we only got a little about him and this is understandable for a short manga but it's still something to improve on. But that's pretty much my only complaint.

In conclusion, read this manga and prepare yourself for an emotional ride.


PS This review for the DMMC November 2016

7/10 story
8/10 art
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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