Juunen-go ni Agatta, Ano Hi no Ame.

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
2018 - 2020
3.459 out of 5 from 17 votes
Rank #24,945
Juunen-go ni Agatta, Ano Hi no Ame.

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This is a painfully average manga. There is absolutely remarkable about it. The story, such as it is, is not interesting. Two men meet ten years later at a friend's wedding and sleep together. Oh, but, wait -- PLOT TWIST -- it's raining. And it rained ten years ago too. And they slept together as well. Because, the protagonist just happened to have an umbrella. Here's just a taste of the story:  "It just so happened, it was raining that day.  It just so happened, I had an umbrella.  It was just a bunch of overlapping coincidences..."  Leaves you hungry for more, right? No? Well, that's about as interesting as it gets. *SPOILER ALERT* There was one thing that irked me, however, although it's not an original plot device by any means. The protagonist, Narumi's, object d'amour, Masa, slept with Narumi when they were in their teens, and then immediately has a BIG GAY PANIC and goes on to date a girl. THE VERY GIRL Narumi thought he would date. And then Masa goes on to try to live a hetero life until deciding, randomly, ten years later, to monopolize his friends' wedding list and make them invite Narumi because now HE'S READY for some homo love. Or something. It's kind of left up in the air at the end, in my opinion. What's to stop him for disappearing into the land of heteronormativity for the next decade? Nothing, that's what. They're still in Narumi's damn bedroom where gay is okay. I think if I was Narumi I'd need a pretty big declaration at that point. Something along the lines of phoning his friends from the wedding and telling them about the fantastic sex he just had with a dude. But, no, Masa just mumbles something about staying over on the weekend while Narumi's distracted by the scenery outside the window. Pretty lame stuff.  A tepid one-shot by Miu Kouda featuring a milksop and a milkdud. 

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