Justice for the Villainess

Alt title: Angnyeoege Uiriga Eodi Isseo

Ch: 108+
2021 - ?
3.7 out of 5 from 282 votes
Rank #17,324
Justice for the Villainess

"I won't rest until they're dead." Charlotte has no qualms about murder if it means her beloved Prince Albert can ascend to the throne. But when he accuses her of treason and leaves her to rot in prison, she learns that loyalty is no virtue. 5 years later, Count Kaitel appears before her with a request: “Won’t you kill the emperor?”

Source: Manta Comics

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Alright I read till chapter 5 and I can't stop laughing at how batshit insane the story is lmao. *mild spoilers* Charlotte was raised and born into a noble household as a illegitimate child, this which lead her to spend all her time practicing swordmanship alone. The 7th prince recruits Charlotte and turns her into his very own assassin pet. After he finally gets the throne, he throws her aside and frames our poor Lotte for attempting to assassinate the (soon-to-be) Empress out of jealousy. 5 years pass and we get to see our Villainess rotting in jail after getting her kneecaps destroyed (ouch). Son of the Grandduke suddenly visits her inside the jail cell, gives a kiss using it as a excuse to find out if she's hiding anything in her mouth, weird and nasty but uhh alright male lead. The kiss gives MC 'Aura', which is basically like mana but it boosts your physical ability. Charlotte escapes successfully, but the aura ran out just when she stepped outside. The Kiss-Stealer comes back and recruits her to aid him in killing the emperor. Now apparently he is actually a prince from a long destroyed country and wants revenge bc yes, patriotism. Somehow MC readily accepts into the cause even though she has never even met this person, some doubt please? ML presents her with a fresh cadaver (why) of a maid "we transferring your soul into that body since it looks prettier...and yeah bc ur crippled" - is what I understood. Tldr: Mc accepts revenge cause of a total stranger who happens to be a prince from a dead country, very similar to how she was betrayed in the first place from aiding another prince..... 

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