Just the Two of Us

Ch: 95
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Just the Two of Us

Cha Soo-hyuk, the tyrant who rules the pediatric emergency room at S University Hospital. He was picky with everyone except his patients, and these days, he was constantly paying attention to one woman. Lee Yoon-ah , the owner of ‘Delicious Meal’, a regular lunch box restaurant, and the woman who is responsible for Su-hyuk’s three meals a day. Delicious rice that appeases hunger is rice, but the problem was the feeling of distance. She is strong and confident, but when you get close to her, she is startled and scared, and she even faints right in front of you. So he asked. “Did you faint because you hated me?” "yes?" “Or are you afraid of men?” Interested in increasing volume little by little. Cha Soo-hyuk kept becoming curious about Lee Yoon-ah. It's all about the woman who feeds him from top to bottom.

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