Junk Force (Light Novel)

Vol: 5; Ch: 30
2003 - 2005
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Junk Force (Light Novel)

Louis, a 14-year-old “mecha-geek” who specializes in computers and all manner of hardware, adventures around a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a Dreadnaught tank along with the android-girl Mamet and teenaged ladies Liza, Wooty, and Mill. Though the Great War happened more than three decades pasts, the remnants remain everywhere, and the threat lingers that those who escaped to Mars might return to Earth to remake the planet anew, regardless of whether or not the remaining inhabitants agree. One of the greatest current problems is the atmospheric conversion system Z.P.T., which has gone out of control, but while seeking a solution to that problem there are war robots to be fought, treasure to be hunted down, lost tech to be recovered, and a sexy operative of the Anti-Martian Earth Self Defense Force to be dealt with.

Source: DrMaster

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