Jungle King

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Jungle King

Akira Sudou, a member of the Hyper Rescue Team, long carried an unrequited love for his co-worker Ryouichi. Seven years ago Ryouichi suddenly disappeared without a trace. After all these years of believing Ryouichi was still alive and his passion for him never dimming, Akira finally catches a break. With excitement coursing through his veins, Akira heads to the jungles of South America in an attempt to locate his unrequited love. Only when Akira is finally face to face with his beloved Ryouichi, does he learn that Ryouichi the civilized man is no more, instead there is only Ryouichi the Jungle King. Can Akira save Ryouichi from the beast he has become? What hidden desire is Captain Iizuka keeping from Akira? Who is the recluse in the bear suit?

Source: DMG

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