Joukakei Kareshi

Alt title: Purifying Boyfriend

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2015 - 2016
3.341 out of 5 from 232 votes
Rank #16,472
Joukakei Kareshi

Bandai is an omega who has been neglecting to take his heat suppressants to please his manipulative lover Shichiku, a beta with an inferiority complex. Shichiku loves to vent his frustration by having sex with omegas, and Bandai is furious when he finds himself tossed aside after he learns that Shichiku has only been using him for his heat. The bitter omega decides to take advantage of the next beta he encounters; a kindly salaryman named Nagaoka who rescues Bandai when he goes into heat outdoors and lets him move in with him. In spite of Bandai's less-than-honorable intentions, Nagaoka's kindness and devotion slowly begin mending the jaded man's broken faith in love. Meanwhile, Shichiku has found a new omega to use and abuse. Yet in spite of his lies, his two-timing, and his brutal behavior, gentle Nagisa seems to genuinely love him. But how can Shichiku stop hurting others if he can't learn to stop hating himself?

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