Joou Heika to Yobanaide

Alt title: Please Don't Call Me Queen!

Vol: 3+; Ch: 15+
2020 - ?
3.642 out of 5 from 102 votes
Rank #20,613
Joou Heika to Yobanaide

In the Kingdom of Lindtor, renowned for being governed by a wise ruler, I, Francesca, am the King's granddaughter—a homebody who delights in chess and staying indoors. However, in the wake of my grandfather's sudden demise, it's revealed that he nominated me in his will as a Queen candidate. While I was stricken with panic, several young noblemen competing to become sovereign appeared before me: the radiant yet overbearing Stewart, the highly intelligent Cyan, and the captain of the knights, Irwine. "Please choose the King from amongst them!" I struggle hard against it, but my efforts are futile. Furthermore, "I pledge my allegiance to you, my Queen." Is that supposed to be an oath, or a marriage proposal? I'll get back my peaceful and tranquil days! What will result from this shut-in princess's desperate resistance?


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An extremely anxious young woman, granddaughter of the king, is a shut in.  An introvert.  She'd be happy to spend all of her days in her room, reading books and playing chess.  She especially enjoys exchanging letters with her beloved grandfather, who is a chess master, and playing chess with him from a distance.  That alone is enough social interaction for her to not feel lonely. Unfotunately for her, her peaceful, low-stress life is completely overturned when said grandfather dies and asks her, in a last letter, to be a candidate to be his successor.  Wow!  Thanks a lot, grandfather :/ Surrounded by the other three candidates, who are all male (and far from kind/accepting) how will she handle the stress?  She doesn't even want the job in the first place! Personal opinion corner:  The story overall didn't hold my interest for very long, though the first chapter was fun and intriguing.  The art's just about average for a manga, nothing special about it.  Worst of all, most of the characters make me uncomfortable.  That one of the guys is related to her (uncle, apparently) is awkward as well.  I relate to the main character, but pretty much everyone else?  I can't get attached to.  The author keeps trying to elaborate on each of the guys by giving them screen time but they're all boring. If you don't like the 'love interests' of a shoujo story, there's very little point in continuing to read it, so for me, it's a hard pass even though it had an interesting start. 

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