Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Kiroku

Alt title: Fiancé's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess

Vol: 1+; Ch: 10+
2018 - ?
4.428 out of 5 from 130 votes
Rank #432
Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Kiroku

Crown prince Cecil was so brilliant that everything in life was easy to the point of boring him, then one day, his fiancée Bertia suddenly said "Prince Cecil, I am a villainess!" Claiming that this world is the same as that of an "otome game" from her past life and that she is playing the role of the "villainess" in it, she aims to play her part well and have their engagement annulled. With that goal in mind, she sets about causing turmoil in Cecil's daily life.

Source: MU

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TheGirlWhoWaited's avatar
TheGirlWhoWaited Jan 23, 2019
Score 10/10

There is not a lot of chapters out yet, but so far ITS SO AMAZING!!! I honestly could not stop smiling the whole time.  Summary: Prince Cecil is engaged to young Lady Bertia who has recovered memories from her privuous life. It happens that she is currently living in an otome game that she had played in her previous life! Intead of the heroine, Bertia is the villainess of the game and has decided to... read more

ZoologyKaM's avatar
ZoologyKaM Apr 7, 2019
Score 10/10

The Best "isekai is an otome game" story I have ever read!! Unlike most, this story forgoes the usual view of the romcom protagonist and is all from the perspective of the Romantic Target and he watches the Villianous(his fiance) try to hook him up with the protagonist. I've never seen this perspective before and it's working so well! Cannot wait for more!  read more

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