Alt title: Suicide Island

Vol: 17; Ch: 168
2008 - 2016
4.059 out of 5 from 489 votes
Rank #3,190

Recently the number of attempted suicides have increased dramatically, straining the health care system. To combat this problem, those who try to take their life are placed on a special island where they must live out their days, while the rest of the world believes them to be dead.  Some respond by immediately committing suicide while others decide to try to live; but with no supplies doing so will be difficult. Now, this group of strangers must work together to survive on Suicide Island, or die trying.

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JtkBasketball Sep 23, 2012
Score 8/10

Story: This story is about a boy who commits suicide but fails. He then signs a contract and is sent to an island filled with other suicidal people. The story moves along well and is very realistic. There are mysteries and action scenes throughout. I really enjoy the survival aspect of it. The survival on its own is good, but it becomes much more interesting because it involves suicidal people. Watching a... read more

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