Alt title: Suicide Island

Vol: 17; Ch: 168
2008 - 2016
3.868 out of 5 from 639 votes
Rank #8,383

Recently the number of attempted suicides have increased dramatically, straining the health care system. To combat this problem, those who try to take their life are placed on a special island where they must live out their days, while the rest of the world believes them to be dead.  Some respond by immediately committing suicide while others decide to try to live; but with no supplies doing so will be difficult. Now, this group of strangers must work together to survive on Suicide Island, or die trying.

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Story: This story is about a boy who commits suicide but fails. He then signs a contract and is sent to an island filled with other suicidal people. The story moves along well and is very realistic. There are mysteries and action scenes throughout. I really enjoy the survival aspect of it. The survival on its own is good, but it becomes much more interesting because it involves suicidal people. Watching a group of people who have already tried to kill themselves find the will to survive and the meaning of their life is very interesting. It is sometimes the little things that keep us going, or even the beauty of nature. Art: The art at first is hard to get used to. The characters just look... awkward and wierd. Once you get used to that style though it is all good. Nothing spectacular, but I am always fully aware of what is going on. Characters: They are interesting because the majority of them are suicidal people. Death is definitely a part of this manga. The main character Sei is really cool. He starts off weak and useless and pursues meaning in his life. His thoughts are very intriguing. In the same way that smokers find a common bond with other smokers, Sei finds bonds through attempted suicides when seeing someone with slit wrists for example. Overall: I really enjoy this manga because I love survivals and suicidal people surviving is a great and interesting plot. I wish they realeased more chapters in English because it looks like a bunch of them are just not translated. I am always checking back to see if this manga has any updates which I believe speaks to its ability to keep readers interested. If you like survival stuff you should definitly give it a go, and it you are looking for something realistic that you will not find anywhere else this might also be for you. Go ahead, give it a read. I dare you.

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