Jisatsu Circle

Alt title: Suicide Club

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.499 out of 5 from 550 votes
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Jisatsu Circle

When Saya was in middle school, her father had a mental breakdown – and that's when things began to change. Kyoko, her best friend, noticed the girl becoming distant, and Saya even began selling her body for money. But when the troubled teen met Mitsuko and joined her Suicide Club, Kyoko watched Saya gain a new, chilling sense of purpose and a deep desire to follow Mitsuko to the grave. Can Kyoko save her friend's life when all she wants to do is die?

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One year after the movie with the same title, Sion Sono's Suicide Club was finally adapted to the manga written by Usamaru Furuya with the same title. It's not his first work I've read from the author. Previously, I had read Ningen Shikkaku adapted from a novel by Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human which was used as a reference in a show called Aoi Bungaku Series, involved five directors including Tetsurou Araki who directed Death Note and Morio Asaka who directed Cardcaptor Sakura. It's not one of the darkest or depressing even though because this is a short manga, it has the same story and premise as the movie about mass suicide by schoolgirls. While this is just a one-volume manga with six chapters, there isn't much I can say from it. As begin with one of the most memorable, horrible, and disturbing opening sequences ever, it tells the story of Saya Kota who surviving mass suicide on a train where 50 more of schoolgirls died without being left. Saya Kota who survived the suicide slowly lost her both mentally and externally. In this case, Kyoko who is her best friend felt something empty inside her and tried to find out the ins and outs of the club, the terrifying history from the club, and why it could happen. I love this kind of story because, in the end, the story will continue in an endless-cycle without anything that stops, there will be other victims who fall continuously. Indeed, the story feels forced, there is no depth of the story, and it makes no any sense like I just don't know why the people or adults in the manga didn't take an action which one of the characters existed. In fact, there are so many plot holes which I don't think are logic in the story apart from this is disturbing and creepy manga. Yet, six chapters at least making you as the worst nightmare for once. The important point that leads to the horror aspect of this manga is that the art which is certainly so creepy. The character designs are almost all frightful, whatever anyone, the girls, the adults, the other characters, anything. They always make some various facial expressions which it makes me weird but not too creepy. This part also builds the mood of the characters because the design character looks like a bad person from the outside. Still, it got me some weird feeling from the gore aspect especially at the end of the story. Although Kyoko is the hero of this manga, Saya Kota is actually the main focused. We learn about her past, comparing her characteristics before joining the suicide club until it seems to be one of the brainwashed. The manga also explains the various dark events and history of the club itself, the former leaders before Saya Kota, and others. Sensei which helped through the story where I thought he was the person behind it or the bad guy, it's not like that. This point, as well as what I said, seems forced and told in one story so that it's forgettable. I don't know the obvious reason all characters in this manga of why they formed the club. The trick is if the story actually quite developing, deepening or maybe the story which is exiled by society, it might add to the impression but there is nothing like that. Jisatsu Circle is not one of the bad ones with a concept that involves a society and dark yet terrifying impression. Ningen Shikkaku is one of the hard manga to read not because there are some lacks but it's really hit at the certain point. This manga is also not recommended for people who don't like gore, especially the body pieces. Various aspects are at least developed through a little because it might be more interesting to add some unique things from the characters or references from the movie which I haven't watch the movie yet. Jisatsu Circle is not too memorable yet not too interesting but it's one that I love about the horror which involves psychological and mental illness.


Based on the acclaimed film of the same name, Suicide Club bills itself as a reimagining rather than an adaptation of the movie. It begins with the same provocative scene that captivated film audiences but proceeds along a different, more personalized path. The imagery and story telling have all the grit and realism that makes Furuya Usamaru one of my favorite manga authors, but he manages to render the narrative in such a way that makes it not only more straightforward and digestible than the film but also more digestible than many of the plots of his own manga. The "horror" designation in the tags is a little misleading. The story is graphic and violent and tragic, but it seems to be meant to shock with its subject matter rather than to scare or unnerve. Only the all-too-predictable horror trope of "will the killer strike again" conforms to the genre, but here it has been included with no small amount of irony. With suicide at epidemic levels in Japan, the "killer" will almost certainly strike again in ways that--as the story observes--will fail to attract public attention the way mass suicides do. In the end, this is a short and straight-forward read that is just long enough to tell the story without becoming so long that the reader becomes desensitized to the images of violence and self-harm (of all sorts) peppered throughout. It is recommended for fans of Furuya Usamaru, the film Suicide Club, dark and violent manga in general, and meditations on social issues in particular.

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