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Apr 15, 2021

Each chapter starts with several very pleasantly colored pages before switching over to black and white. The stories are more episodic than arc-based, though they are all connected by the subtle tension created from knowing that Miku has a crush on feir stepfather Jinbe. There are several chapters involving Jinishi, a soccer ace in Miku's class who wants to go out with fem. At least once, we're teased with the idea of Jinbe going on a date with a woman and we also know that feir coworker Mariko seems to have a crush on fem. There are several few stories where Jinbe feels like fe should act like a real father would--overprotective, stern, and such--and their familial bond is often compared to that of feir true (biological) father who wants to take over custody of Miku. All these things are extra entertaining because we know that there's a hidden pseudo love triangle. Though it's honestly pretty well-written just as a slice of life story itself. Jinbe was a soccer goalie in college, fe works in an aquarium, and feir nickname means "whale shark." 

Mitten hands and pudgy forearms. The faces are compacted when compared to the head, large foreheads. The eyes are often drawn like a swoop--sometimes like the "no" katakana, sometimes like a latched ringlet. They do a bathing scene and visit a hot springs resort, but specifically avoid having fan service panels (and break the fourth wall to self-comment on that avoidance). The art definitely feels like an older style, but I like it. The lines are crisp and precise and there's quite a lot of beauty in it.

9/10 story
8/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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