Jii-sama ga Iku (Light Novel)

Alt title: An Oldman in Counterworld. (Light Novel)

Vol: 7+
2018 - ?
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Jii-sama ga Iku (Light Novel)

Seitarou died in place of his grandchild, but was informed by God that it was a mistake. As apology, he was sent to another world along with an ultra cheat ability where he lived as a traveling merchant using his past knowledge as the owner of a tea shop. With the wisdom of his past life, he avoided monsters as far as possible, but crushes tyrannous nobles without mercy. As an afterthought, he saved a young girl of the demon clan and raised her as his own by request of God. —Life was filled with ups and downs, but he’d take to time to enjoy a cup of tea whenever possible. Making sure to take all possible care, the grandpa with years of wisdom and cheat skills begins his journey in another world.

Source: Alphapolis

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