Alt title: Hell

Vol: 1; Ch: 12
1992 - 1997
3.019 out of 5 from 14 votes
Rank #17,709

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I genuinely enjoyed the first five chapters (especially chapters four and five, which are boss). Not so much the last seven. I have literally no idea what sets the first ones apart...they're all weird. It could be that the first ones felt more focused in their weirdness, whereas the later ones tend to go off on tangents like they're trying too hard to be discombobulating. For example, one chapter randomly ends with a donkey pulling a boat on the sea to tomorrow. There is no plot, just first-person meandering, leaving you with a feeling that nothing happens (despite things happening). Many of the stories involve walking from place to place. There is a sense of insecurity and inner turmoil, and at times a disassociation from reality. We wonder whether these are meant to be metaphorical reflections of an inner mind, or symbolic poetry, or just randomness. It's probably just randomness. I feel I must rate the Story as a 1. The art style makes me think of wood etchings. It's very bad (some of the worst I've ever seen), but it doesn't try to be good so I can respect that. It knows it's bad art, and it leans into that to further create a sense of creepy detachment from reality. Heads are often tilted to the side, arms hanging straight down. I feel I must rate the Art as a 1. The characters are unnamed and undeveloped. And since each chapter is from a new character's perspective, we don't build any connections. They lack emotions and act in illogically quirky ways, which makes it impossible for readers to relate to them in any real capacity. I feel I must rate the Characters as a 1. And yet, it's impossible to properly judge this oddity by those metrics. It's an immersion. One that you might enjoy or you might be turned off by. I definitely don't think it's an amazing manga, but it did captivate me in the first half. And I would easily rate chapters four and five as 10/10. So read it if you will. It's not long, and you may find yourself enjoying parts of it.

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