Jazz for Two

Alt title: Jaejeu Cheoreom

Ch: 64+
2017 - ?
4.485 out of 5 from 266 votes
Rank #236
Jazz for Two

Taeyi hears a familiar melody fill the empty halls and makes his way to the old music room. He knows his brother is dead, but he can’t help but hope, maybe, just maybe...it’s his brother playing his favorite song. When he slams open the door, however, he finds Seheon, the new transfer student, at the piano. Disappointment comes crashing down and Taeyi can’t control his anger. How dare Seheon play his brother’s song? How dare he smile? How dare he say he loves jazz? “If I ever catch you playing the piano again...that’ll be the end of you.” 

Source: Lezhin

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Max11030 Jun 4, 2018
Score 9.5/10

Ok, I'm not an expert on art. I do know the art isn't made by a toddler so I'm just leaving a 10. Taeyi is in the same class as the new student Sehoen. Sehoen is sweet while Taeyi is the oppositr. Both of them though is quiet an shave a love for music. Taeyi one day see Sehoen playing, and yells at him to stop. Confused, Sehoen decided to get to know Taeyi and find out why. Right now, besides the main... read more



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