Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade

Vol: 5; Ch: 36
2009 - 2012
3.334 out of 5 from 49 votes
Rank #11,398
Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade

Jack the Ripper is not what he seems--but the truth may be more terrible than anyone imagined. A young police detective from Scotland Yard struggles to unravel the mystery behind the brutal slayings that grip 19th Century London. What he learns will turn his world upside down, and pit him face to face against the Ripper himself. But is Jack his savior or destroyer?

Source: Seven Seas

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Terrybutler17's avatar
Terrybutler17 Mar 10, 2018
Score 6.3/10

Honestly, the design is great, details are just amazing and you can follow the flow of a fight, story with the kids is touching. However it became totally a mess with the touch of King Arthur, snd then add some werewolves, vampires, Holy War and you have some ''crazy'' scientists' characters but it wasn't clear at all. To give more than 5/10 is due to the drawings. read more

casandra29's avatar
casandra29 Jan 5, 2016
Score 5.5/10

I have so far read the 3 volumes that I purchased and I feel that it is important to say the first chapters that I had found online had whole portions were taken out of it. The scans are incomplete and only have 4 chapters anyway. So, basicly if you want to really read this one you will have to buy it or you will have to check it out from some library if they happen to have it... which I doubt.  I... read more



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