Jack: The American Ghost

Alt title: American Ghost Jack

Ch: 64
2013 - 2014
4.459 out of 5 from 354 votes
Rank #351
Jack: The American Ghost

Go-Eun Ma has helped run the family’s haunted house since she was a child, even since her mother passed away tragically years ago. But over time, the exhibit has become run-down, tired and has few visitors, and is set to be demolished within the year. To help prevent this fate, Go-Eun hatches a plan - she’ll travel to America to visit the notorious Ghost Jack’s House, where staying for 15 days gets you a massive million dollar prize… that is, if you manage to survive and stay sane...

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FullmetalDragon's avatar
FullmetalDragon May 19, 2017
Score 10/10

Wow, I was completley blown away by this manhwa. I went in not particularly knowing what to expect, but damn did it knock any expectations I had out of the park, and then some. Storywise, it's very hard to know what to say while not giving too much away, and still selling it as it deserves to be. Lets just say the story gets a whole lot more complex as it goes on - this is by no means a simple horror. The... read more

SilvanaHeilbron's avatar
SilvanaHeilbron Jun 1, 2015
Score 10/10

SPOILER FREE REVIEW I was really hesitant to start this when I first found it on tumblr since I'm a huge scaredy-cat. However, when I saw the ratings I thought it was worth the risk. The first few chapters and the prologue were the most frightening by far. That doesn't mean the rest of the strory is lacking in the horror department. When I first started reading it, I was really frustrated that I couldn't... read more

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