Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok

Vol: 3; Ch: 17
2016 - 2017
3.29 out of 5 from 35 votes
Rank #31,285
Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok

10 years ago seven mythical Gods appeared on Earth and their battle split the earth and tore the sky. A boy named Shinsen Raika had his true little sister abducted by a god in the battle and is currently standing in the『Academy』on an artificial island in the distant seas. Here, the night was called as after school time. During that time period, the Gods’ Proxy War were being held. On the first night, Raika was attacked by the Norse mythological God Brynhildr. With death in front of him, he acquired the detestable power of the gods; the power for revenge. Using the power from the devil eye of Balor, he tries to take back the world from Gods control!

Source: MU

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