Iwakakeru! Climbing Girls

Vol: 4; Ch: 28
2017 - 2019
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Iwakakeru! Climbing Girls

Yoshikazu Kasahara, a junior high school girl who has made numerous competitive puzzle game tournaments a total name. She met in high school during a rock climbing sport climbing ...?!?

Source: MU

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Kasahara Konomi. During middle school, she won many puzzle tournaments in Japan. Thanks to her hobby, she enjoyed her school life; she thought she did not need anything else. She was wrong. Her hobby resulted in poor academic performance, so she had to reconsider her life choices. Thankfully, her hard work pays off and she enrolls in Hanamiya girls’ high school.I will not try to hide the fact that this manga is quite unique. I mean, how many anime and manga about sport climbing do you know? Kasahara Konomi is a hikimori, who only plays games. Her life shows her that everything is not easy and one cannot just play games and do nothing else. She spends less time on games, trying to pay school enough time. But one day, she also finds out about sport climbing and falls in love with it. It is an open secret that playing games for many years, has not helped her muscles in any way, and sport climbing requires one hell of a physical training. Nevertheless, during her first day as a club’s member, she finds out that there will be a tournament soon and her senpai recommend her to take part in it. And so Konomi’s new passion is born.I do not have anything to criticize this manga for, but I find it extremely disappointing that this manga is about girls only. Also, many websites include ecchi as one of the main genres of the manga and it is quite obvious, if you start reading it. A huge disappointment that this manga tries to be interesting, but fan service is somewhat superfluous. Like, how can you climb with such boobs?All in all, if you want to read a manga about lewd girls climbing, this might be what you are looking for. But if you are looking for a good story, try something else.

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