Itokoi Chidori

Vol: 2; Ch: 16
2010 - 2011
3.178 out of 5 from 71 votes
Rank #15,051
Itokoi Chidori

Akio Kosato is well-known by the girls in his school for his skill in creating "love potions," though he himself receives no romantic attention. That changes when a mysterious girl named Chidori appears and gives him far more attention than he ever wanted. It turns out that Chidori is Akio's long-forgotten cousin, and there may be much more to Akio's family than he realizes.

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What. The. Hell. This is probably one of the wierder manga I've read - not because of dark themes or anything, but just because of the story and characters being just plain whack. Story: MC is from a reclusive matriarchal family with a lot of power, but doesn't know much of anything about it because he has lost his childhood memories and spent all of his time that he remembers growing up away from the family. Then a cousin enters the scene and gets the plot rolling down a very strange path. More cousins appear, each with their own agenda that's different but somehow still revolves around doing sexy things with the MC. Even the dude cousin. Yeah. It's honestly hard to wrap my head around this one, again not because it's truly "out there", but more because I just don't know why anyone would come up with a story like this. Art: Quite impressive in a lot of ways with great details in both foreground and background. Character designs are neat and easily identifiable. My biggest gripe is that when the 'action' scenes roll around the artist seems to lose all respect for panel lines, or really lines in general. It becomes impossible to tell what's even going on, and it's largely just a mess of scribbles and what I assume is supposed to represent bodily fluids. Even the words get hard to read because they also become a scribbly mess. Characters: Man, where to begin. First off, the MC is probably the only believeable character of the lot, and even then it's a stretch. He is the most relatable, but is just a bit *too* relaxed about everything and just decides to roll with it even though his life is supposedly in danger. Everyone else is just straight crazy as all get out. The first cousin to appear is a violent murder-hobo whose only purpose is to protect the MC from the 'danger', all while continuously having sex with him. Her ability to communicate is fairly stunted so anything she does is largely a guessing game by the MC. The second cousin is a cross-dressing dude who gets himself 'taken prisoner' by the first cousin, and despite his claims of not liking guys and being quite capable of just leaving, he plays along and even sucks the MC off a few times. The third cousin is even crazier; she's a fungal researcher who has bred a special dick-shaped mushroom that not only gives off an aphrodisiac, it's strong enough to be used as a sex toy. The mom is somehow okay with all this going on in her home, and even encourages the MC to marry the murder-hobo cousin. Overall: Honestly it felt like it wanted to be a full-blown Hentai manga with a developed storyline, but had to de-hentai the crap out of it to actually get published, so its a worst-of-both-worlds blend where the thing completely revolves around the sexy scenes, but there's nothing to actually see during them. It's obviously just the author's weird cousin-fetish fantasy story. It's not actively terrible, mind you - I'm glad I read it and I'll give it a moderate rating, but holy crap is it just plain weird. I can't really feel great about recommending it, though; if you're looking for H-scenes and don't care about the plot, other Manga have much more to offer (even non-hentai honestly) just because this one gets so sloppy during those scenes. On the flip-side, there really isn't much story to be had here so if you're here for a plot, you'll be just as disappointed. I think if you took out the H-scenes you'd have only enough pages left to fill one chapter. I'd say look elsewhere unless you have a really low bar, or you've run out of things to read.

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