Itokoi Chidori

Vol: 2; Ch: 16
2010 - 2011
3.168 out of 5 from 50 votes
Rank #12,117
Itokoi Chidori

Akio Kosato is well-known by the girls in his school for his skill in creating "love potions," though he himself receives no romantic attention. That changes when a mysterious girl named Chidori appears and gives him far more attention than he ever wanted. It turns out that Chidori is Akio's long-forgotten cousin, and there may be much more to Akio's family than he realizes.

Source: MU

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kilrazan Feb 7, 2019
Score 4/10

What. The. Hell. This is probably one of the wierder manga I've read - not because of dark themes or anything, but just because of the story and characters being just plain whack. Story: MC is from a reclusive matriarchal family with a lot of power, but doesn't know much of anything about it because he has lost his childhood memories and spent all of his time that he remembers growing up away from the family... read more



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