It Was All a Mistake

Alt title: Modeun Ge Chakgagieotda

Ch: 130
2020 - 2024
3.344 out of 5 from 795 votes
Rank #34,190
It Was All a Mistake

At a young age, Durua Valrose realizes that she’s been reincarnated as the villainess of a novel who is destined to die at the hands of the male protagonist, Nocturne Edgar. Determined to change her fate, she tries to befriend Nocturne, but little does she know that he is the only living black mage who can hear, sense, and even control people’s thoughts and emotions. To Nocturne, Durua is an enigma. She is the first person that he’s encountered who is not susceptible to his magic, a fact that makes him feel both intrigued and intimidated at the same time. The two form a strained friendship, but Durua has no idea whether the story is changing for better or worse. Will she be able to rewrite her ending and escape death?

Source: TappyToon

Includes 16 extra chapters.

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I really like this story, so idk why everyone else gave it such garbage ratings. There's a lot of dark magic and brainwashing, and the ML seems to be a evil villain (but he's actually a pretty sweet guy who genuinely loves the FL). There are a lot of misunderstandings between the male and female leads, that we as readers find out as the story progresses. However, FL still doesn't know everything and is still figuring it out. Its pretty wild that the ML is keeping so many secrets, and it annoys me that he doesn't just come clean, but we're getting there. I'm not big on complicated romances, but this one just makes me feel excited because I don't know what'll happen next. Also, the other two characters, Alice (FL's BFF) and the fake fiancee also have quite a compelling romantic arc. Plus, I just love Alice's character - she's always looking out for her best friend and protecting her even though it's dangerous to deal with the ML. She's really awesome and I love her 😍. Some people blame Dulua for not accepting the ML's feelings and not believing him when he says he loves her. But I like that she's not being stupid in love. After all, the ML is a dark magician, has always been cold to her, and is a threat to the people around her. So I completely get why she doesn't trust him (but I also think she might have been manipulated with magic to distrust him). It was an interesting read. The romance between the ML and FL is slow and there's only been 1 kiss scene so far (I'm on chapter 50), but it's okay cause the plot is so interesting. Kudos to author-nim and writer-nim for writing and drawing such a great novel. Thank you so much! 

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