It All Starts With Playing Game Seriously

Alt title: Cong Renzhen Wan Youxi Kaishi Jueqi

Ch: 191+
2021 - ?
3.611 out of 5 from 462 votes
Rank #24,139
It All Starts With Playing Game Seriously

Even a nobody should aim for the moon and have big ambitions. The game is far from over, and anybody can be a dark horse. The game, Metaverse, became a reality, where players obtained in-game abilities of their characters, throwing the world into chaos. Liu Yi, remarkably endurant, highly competitive, yet afraid of confrontation, reincarnated and returned to the world before Metaverse descended. With the knowledge he gained in his past life, he started to play the game seriously while overcoming his fear of confrontation. In the end, he would grow into a hero and save the world.

Source: Qidian

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