Isn't the Contrast Cute?

Alt title: Fancha Meng Bu Meng

Ch: 11+
2020 - ?
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Isn't the Contrast Cute?

The most handsome boy at school, who seems cold and arrogant, is actually afraid of talking to girls! The gentle and talented top student is really the cold-blooded prince of a gang! The carefree and unkept girl, is, in fact, a young lady from a billionaire family! The sharp and sexy senior is a girl who can’t resist cute things! Their so-called ‘super stern’ teacher is, in reality, a fujoshi who ships her own students! Jiang Zhiling just wanted to find a part-time job and make some pocket money to support her father’s pursuit of invention. By accident, she discovered who all these people really were underneath their masks. Soon, she began to think she was attending a school filled with fakers!

Source: MU

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