Isekai Tensei ni Kansha wo

Alt title: Thanks to the Parallel World

Vol: 2; Ch: 14
2017 - 2018
3.487 out of 5 from 304 votes
Rank #23,102
Isekai Tensei ni Kansha wo

In the future after several decades from now. Virtual reality (VR) gaming has been finally realized. An old man who continued to wait for VR game, start gleefully the desire of a VR game. After finishing a fun tutorial, the old man who indulge in deep emotion looking back on life. He rest his body a little while lying in front of the main start. He ended up dozing out without noticing, he in an imperceptibly different place...

Source: NU

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If one was so inclined, one could say that Jin's superpower is having proper manners. Fe is supposed to have the wisdom that comes with age, which helps fem mitigate the drama in peoples' lives. Right at the beginning of the first chapter, we get flashes of the three main people whose storylines will intersect with feirs--Elza, Rachel, and Aria. Rachel is a blessed priestess who has felt isolated by feir own talent. Elza is an adventurer who feels abandoned by feir partner. Aria is a guild receptionist who has lived with severe depression following a tragedy. Will Jin be able to help them and others? And what sort of proverbs and life lessons will fe share along the way? I honestly don't care, which is why I rated this manga so low. The lack of a compelling story really drags the whole thing down for me. It also tries to use that "interweaving storylines together" technique, but, like, doesn't do it very well. [Originally reviewed at chapter 12] [Updated upon completion] Addendum: You know, I've realized that I'm not very impressed with the artwork for this series. It's fine and at times it can have some beautiful moments, but it also blends different styles together in a way that looks awkward. The insect monsters looked like a sloppily put-together collage. The outlines to the characters are also overly intense when compared to the rest of the shading. And I'm not sure if I emphasized this enough in my initial review, but this manga is exceedingly dull. Art--5 > 3

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