Isekai no Sata wa Shachiku Shidai (Light Novel)

Alt title: The Affairs of the Other World Depend on the Corporate Slave (Light Novel)

Vol: 2+
2019 - ?
4.359 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #2,374
Isekai no Sata wa Shachiku Shidai (Light Novel)

Kondou Seiichirou, 29, was tired. Living the life of a corporate slave, he didn’t know day from night. Unable to break the status quo, his days of nothing but work continued till one day his life completely changed when he got dragged into a saint summoning and came to another world…Not! Seiichirou, who had the spirit of a corporate slave ingrained in him, decided to work even in the other world, at the Royal Accounting Section. However, this section only existed to seal approval on the unreasonable expenses of high-ranking people, and was also known as the “Rubber Stamp Department”. The budget requests of “Third Knight Order”, where the ones with strong magical power gathered, were particularly outrageous! Seiichirou, who had been an assistant to the section manager in the accounting section of an IT company, would never let that happen, and embarked on a mission revamp the finances of the royal palace.

Source: NU

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