Isekai de Tochi wo Katte Noujou wo Tsukurou

Alt title: Let's Buy the Land And Cultivate in Different World

Vol: 3+; Ch: 22+
2019 - ?
4.035 out of 5 from 313 votes
Rank #5,303
Isekai de Tochi wo Katte Noujou wo Tsukurou

Itonami Noria was summoned into another world. However, he did not possess any “skills” which any inhabitant of the other world all held. Evaluated as useless, he was casted out to the uninhabited land. Although appearing to lack any skills at first glance, Norio actually had the special gift “Ultimate Supporter”. Seeking a sense of adventure in another world, Itonami Noria christened himself as Kidan, and decides to cultivate the land. With his ability, “Ultimate Supporter”, he is able to make use to anything in his hand to maximum efficiency, gradually cultivating the land for use. One day, while fishing at the seaside, he caught a beautiful mermaid! She names herself as Pratty, and announces that she shall become his wife for catching her—!? 

Source: Overlap

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Literally everything about this manga is shallow and uninspired. The setting is a shallow iteration of isekai tropes, with a focus on turning enemies into allies and cooking. The artwork is shallow and bland and unoriginal, with a stupid-looking dragon and unappealing ecchiness. The characters' personalities and motives are shallow and even when some depth is attempted with Platy's backstory, it still feels like the shallowest course of action fe could've taken. The settlement-building and all of the various technological achievements and whatnot all feel shallow because Kidan's Master of Supremacy skill allows fem to accomplish whatever fe puts feir mind to with basically no effort. Similar with the fights: they're all short, shallow victories without any back-and-forth. And the way that the enemies are introduced is unimaginative and shallow: "And now Villain B appears on the horizon...and is defeated by the next chapter." All of the relationships feel shallow because these people have inexplicably developed feelings of intimacy and loyalty after only knowing each other for very short periods of time, often for no other reason than Kidan having cooked them a meal or asked about their wellbeing. When Platy calls Kidan "my dear" or when they talk about fulfilling expected marital roles (like in chapter four), it just feels shallow and fake because these two shouldn't have had enough time to build up any sort of deep emotional attachment to one another. Shallow, shallow, shallow. Shall I sink inside the shallow water? Fwoom, fwoom, fwoom. [Reviewed at chapter 12]

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