Is This Hero for Real?

Alt title: I Yongsa Silhwanya

Ch: 88+
2022 - ?
3.943 out of 5 from 1,134 votes
Rank #5,390
Is This Hero for Real?

When a goddess transports Hansoo Kang and his classmates to a magical fantasy world to become heroes, it’s like a dream come true. But when Hansoo declines to risk his life for a world that isn’t his own, the goddess leaves him for dead, alone in the forest. That’s when he realizes she’s not what she seems. With the help of a loner god, Hansoo faces the hostile new world and earns powerful blessings to help him survive. But his goal isn’t to save the world; it’s to return home… well, after he gets revenge on the goddess that is.

Source: Tapas

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I read until chapter 30. While it has too many similarities to not being inspired by Tsuki Ga Michubu, it clearly goes on a totally different way. While Tsuki ga goes more for comedy, this one takes itself seriously. My main problem with this is that it takes too long for him to get a companion, something absolutely required since a character by himself can't entertain for too long, the main reason I dropped Kumo Ga, another thing is that his companion tries to be charismatic but fails, and I don't see any nice interaction between them, Makoto + Tomoe has much more entertaining interactions in Tsuki Ga and she comes way sooner. My second problem is how much of the story is focused on the other heroes, and to be sincere, I don't like that part at all. While they try to put some struggle, everything is handled to them quite easy to the point you ask if there is such a thing as a threat, or if the Gods even care anything about it or just want some entertainment, since they could just give someone from the humans all the blessings. And even when one of the heroes makes a grave mistake, he seems to not learn from it at all, a perfect chance for some character growth thrown in the trash. My third problem, until now, even on the side of the heroes is impossible to emphasize with the humans, it seems they literally don't care for anyone but the true hero, and anyone that has a low chance of it can be discarded. That makes it really hard to attach with anyone but the main character, something that's worsened by the fact that more than half of the heroes are mobs, that's why you don't make an entire class your main characters, even those who aren't mob, don't actually act much different from the mobs. I really thought this could be good, but it's mediocre at best, and after 30 chaps they didn't show me anything worth investing my time.

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