Is This Another Shape of Love?

Alt title: Kore mo Hitotsu no Ai no Katachi?

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
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Is This Another Shape of Love?

"Can you show me your underwear?" "My underwear?" Those were the first words they shared. Saga admires genius underwear designer Hizuki Miyazato and wants to be a designer himself, too. His prayers are answered when he gets a job working at Hizuki's company. Despite the days of exhausting grunt work, Saga feels content just being of use to Hizuki, who's a brute of a CEO. But, when work hours are over, his expression takes on a childlike charm. The more Saga gets to know Hizuki, the more his feelings of admiration turn into those of love and desire. Just then, Hizuki has some harsh words for him......

Source: Renta!

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