Vol: 6; Ch: 28
2005 - 2008
3.815 out of 5 from 90 votes
Rank #14,506

The Kawahira family specializes in dealing with troublesome spirits with the help of inukami, strong dog spirits that take human form. Members of the family are expected to make pacts with strong inukami in order to fulfill their duties, but their family has a black sheep: the perverted Keita, who charges people for his help. His inukami, Youko, is dedicated to make Keita completely hers. Her favorite form of punishment for him when he strays is teleporting him into the city completely naked. He's been arrested for indecent exposure so many times that he's a jailhouse regular, and is considered an outcast by his family and normal society; yet an inukami of the highest caliber chose to be his partner?! Is there really more to him than perverseness?

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Oh boy... So I came across the manga randomly.  The used book store in my home town simply had both omnibus' for a combined cost of ten bucks.  Seeing nothing wrong with at least trying, I picked it up.  And I'm mixed on if it was worth reading or owning... Story:  I have a hard time understanding the overarching plot of this manga.  I wonder if it's a dark one...  and then it isn't.  Nothing in the dark parts really means much to the actual plot itself.  There's some outcast storyline that never really goes anywhere beyond "character" development and some demon one that only really "closes" some questions. The story that seems most prominent is...  Keita trying to not die?  I mean, this reminds me a lot of Inuyasha's comedy bits most of the time.  Even when in a serious plot, there's so much comedy it's hard to really tell if it's going to do much.  Especially when you get a serious statement said towards the end of a chapter that never comes to anything. Characters: I've got no problem with most of the characters.  Honestly they all fit the strange tone the manga seems to be going for.  Keita's a pervert that never seems to get a break, like every guy in the 90's sort of anime.  Yoko is a tsundere maybe?  Hard to tell with her constantly just destroying things. The other characters are hard to define.  The biggest set outside of the less seen members of the family is Keita's cousin and his 10 Inukami.  And even among them, only really Nadeshiko gets as much exposure. Overall: I think this story is missing a bigger plot.  Even with what gets revealed in the last two or three volumes, there's not much there.  I kind of wish there had been.  Then I would have felt there was some...  Point to reading it in some way.  It wasn't a terrible read, but mostly average at best.  

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