Inu wo Kau

Alt title: Raising a Dog

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.751 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #15,347
Inu wo Kau

Stories about the everyday life of a couple living together with their pets.

Source: MU

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Story The first four chapters of this manga are domestic slice of life stories that are connected to each other.  The first chapter deals with a couple losing their beloved dog (and if you ever owned a dog or any other kind of pet for that matter, you will cry).  The second chapter takes place a year later when the same couple takes in a skittish cat.  They continue to bond with the cat (as well as several other things I won't mention) in chapter 3, and in chapter 4, the couple's niece in thrown into the mix.  The four chapters are nicely written and will appeal to animal lovers as well as those who like domestic slice of life.  The only slightly negative thing about this manga is the fifth chapter.  I say slightly because chapter five isn't bad at all (in fact, it's quite good), but it doesn't really fit in with the first four chapters, as it deals with mountain climbing.  Maybe chapter 5's inclusion would not have been so jarring if the first four chapters weren't related to each other, but since they are, then chapter 5's presence feels odd at best.  That said, this is only a minor nitpick and doesn't really affect my score too much.  After all, even if it doesn't fit in with the rest of the manga, chapter 5 has an interesting and well written story. Art While the art may be slightly dated (this was made in the early 90's, after all), it's still quite nice and holds up very well.  The art in the mountain climbing chapter in particular is highly detailed and really lovely. Characters While the characters may not stand out very much, they are still fairly well written and fit the story.  The couple in the first four chapters are particularly relatable (especially if you own a pet) and feel realistic. Overall This is a really good manga for those who love slice of life (especially if you own a pet).  This is also a great manga to read if you are looking for something to give you "the feels".  Just remember to grab a tissue box before you read (espcially for chapter 1). 

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