Inu Neko Jump!

Vol: 5; Ch: 41
2000 - 2001
3.472 out of 5 from 265 votes
Rank #26,789
Inu Neko Jump!

When Takahiro Ozu was a child, he dreamed of being able to jump so high that he'd be able to orbit the Earth – and with a stellar track record through middle school, it seemed that nothing could stop Takahiro's wish. But after his performance slipped in high school, Takahiro decided to give up track and field for good, settling into a normal university life. That is, until his big-breasted friend Noriko encourages him to join the track team, and the enthusiastic, headphone-wearing Yuki enters the picture insisting she knows Takahiro from his past! How will Takahiro adjust to his newly-hectic schedule, and just how does he know Yuki?

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