Innocent Secretary, Accidentally Pregnant

Alt title: Hisho to Boss no Kokoroe

Vol: 1
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Innocent Secretary, Accidentally Pregnant

After an interview for a position as a personal assistant, Emma shrugs and wonders if she has any choice but to end up on the streets. She needs a way to take care of her ailing father’s debt and the bills for his assisted-living facility, but it doesn’t look as if she’s going to get hired this time. Returning home defeated, she runs into the CEO, Luca, on her way out. He’s a true enemy of women, the type who can’t resist whispering sweet nothings to every woman he sees, and he invites Emma to go to Paris with him that night. Emma curtly turns down his advances and closes the elevator door. However, her interviewer is impressed by how Emma handles the situation, and decides to make her a job offer after all. To think that her employment hinges on her ability to rebuff the advances of a playboy like Luca—will she be able to keep it up?

Source: Harlequin

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