Innocent Rouge

Vol: 12; Ch: 88
2015 - 2020
4.178 out of 5 from 268 votes
Rank #1,079
Innocent Rouge

The eve of the French revolution, 1772. The eldest brother of the Sanson family, Charles-Henri, has grown as an executioner and his sister, Marie-Joseph has been living, freely in the Versailles. But one day, Marie-Joseph's first love, a man named Alain was killed by aristocrats...! This historie of innocents plunges into the arc of the crimson revolution, Rouge—!!

Source: MU

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Art is somehow stunningly beautiful, ridiculously intricate, highly disturbing, and oddly icky. The plot is simple enough: there are two siblings- Marie and Charles- who belong to a family who historically was in charge of carrying out the executions in the period just before and during the French Revolution.  Marie- the one on the cover- is just absolutely furious with the injustice paid to her gender. She’s boiling with rage over it and it’s made her into a monster. She’s sadistic and apathetic in sharp contrast to her more merciful brother who wishes there was more humanity in execution. Marie wants the country to burn while Charles desperately wants it to survive and is very loyal to the crown. They disagree and care little for the well being of specific people, but they love each other so they're just so compelling.  The nudity tag sort of fails to convey just how much nudity there is. Boobs appear more than some essential characters. What I will say, however, is that it doesn't feel like fanservice. There aren’t angles to show otherwise obscured panties, no convenient gusts of wind, or guys tripping into girls and accidentally grabbing their boobs. Breasts appear to show how men view women (by showing their boobs before their faces), to show how women use their sexuality to manipulate men, or the naked body before it is horrifically destroyed.  Perhaphs even more common than boobs is insanely graphic drawings of torture, corpses, and mangled bodies. I learned like 5 new arts of torture from this manga. There are a lot of scenes of sex, both real and imagined, as well as rape and general creepy horiness.  The downside of htis manga is that it makes absolutely no sense. Plotlines are expliclty forshadowed then skipped over. massive time jumps take place all the time with no warning. Arcs are abandoned halfway through or started right in the middle. The story is held up solely by its art and the way Marie is literally insane.  My overall impression is that this manga is really fuckin weird, and so good because of it. sorta spoilers: Marie actually is bonkers by the way, im not exaggerating. She puts her baby under the excution platform to "baptise" it with blood as she smashes an innocent mans head off. 

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