Initial D

Vol: 48; Ch: 719
1995 - 2013
4.162 out of 5 from 541 votes
Rank #1,220
Initial D

18 year-old Takumi has been delivering tofu for his father's shop since he was 13, learning to drive fast in all weather conditions. One night he is seen racing down the mountain by Keisuke, one of the best amateur racers in Japan. Quickly overtaken by Takumi, Keisuke vows to challenge the White Hachi Roku and discover the mystery behind its driver's skills.

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I started this story just over 3 years ago and quite frankly, it's probably for the better it took this long to finish it. Initial D is certainly more than just a meme and inserting DEJA VU into everything (though I have nothing against sick eurobeats. Great OST to listen to while reading!). Takumi's initial journey from a teen who has no clue what he's capable of, into a racing star is pretty fun. I do have to lay down some criticisms of the manga. Unfortunately it suffers greatly from being repetitive in nature, artwork going from stunning backgrounds to shoddy stuff here and there (not too often but, it happens), and a somewhat forgettable cast at times. Tack in a few half-attempted relationship plots. Many of the characters look a bit too similar, particularly the female characters, and a lot of them are used quickly for side plots and never really mentioned again.The initial storyline is quite interesting as Takumi develops his skills and gets brought into the world of racing. The mystery surrounding him, the quest to start beating more powerful racers and cars. I highly recommend people try this in anime or manga form (Mostly would be season 1+2 of the anime). After that, you could safely move on and not get too much FOMO.As a car and racing enthusiast, it's certainly a fun plot, relatively well done in factual explanations of how cars work in racing, and a good look into the stresses car components are put under. If you even moderately have some interest in racing, you'll get some kicks out of this.For anyone who does want to read through the full journey - take it slow. Do a volume, then take a break for a little bit, then pick it up again purely for fun. This one is very hard to binge without getting burnt out quickly, and I think the slow approach works best for this.

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