Incomparable Demon King

Ch: 64+
2018 - ?
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Incomparable Demon King

Since Pan Gu separated the heaven and earth, a lot of evil spirits appeared, acting outrageously and ferociously across the world. Among them, the most powerful are the Demons. Since demons and devils ran rampant in the world, the importance of Practice has been well known to all Humans,countless of Practicing Groups appeared like blooming flowers of all kinds.

Source: MangaToon

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PZcolo Jul 2, 2019
Score 3/10

A very boring manhua where little happens and the pace is quite slow. Also, there is just to much dialogue and most of it is pointless, I know the author is introducing the world and setting but it's done in a very crude and boring way. As for the characters, this is the weakes point in the manhua, the MC is not very smart and not fun to read about and the female lead is an annoying brat that all comments... read more


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