In the Land of Leadale

Alt title: Leadale no Daichi nite

Vol: 5+; Ch: 24+
2019 - ?
4.024 out of 5 from 310 votes
Rank #3,278
In the Land of Leadale

Keina Kagami’s life ended when a power outage caused her life support to fail and thus begins her new life two centuries later in the land of Leadale...but what has happened over the past two hundred years...?

Source: Yen Press

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**************************************************** It’s a nice read, it’s a slice of life manga. That’s about a women getting isekai’d into her game avatar which was a elf so that’s interesting, she’s also OP, who doesn’t like an OP MC though she doesn’t flaunt it or anything but she doesn’t hide it either. **************************************************** Story 7.5/10 **************************************************** It’s got a pretty decent story, which was done well. It’s got great character dynamic’s especially Early Spoiler: her children they’re really like what siblings would be like, the character’s development is also good the characters feel very real. And the pacing is nice and normal if not a little bit slow but that’s because it’s a slice of life, **************************************************** Art 7/10 ****************************************************it'’s not unique but also not ordinary It’s great differently better then most with nice details. **************************************************** Characters 8/10 **************************************************** The characters are done well with varying personalities. They feel very 3 dimensional. Most of the characters are good natured people without any dislike able people. The character development and progression of relationships are good and steady **************************************************** Overall 7/10 ****************************************************This is a great read by no means a masterpiece but if you find the description for this manga good then I would recommend it, I personally think this is one of the better Isekai out there ****************************************************

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