Immortal Days

Alt title: Bulmyeorui Naldeul

Ch: 260+
2016 - ?
3.889 out of 5 from 22 votes
Rank #8,027
Immortal Days

Mankind has discovered the secret to immortality. As humans can no longer die, violence abounds. Living among the immortals is Myeol. Careful and conscientious, he’s a street-smart fighter who’s trained himself to survive. Why? Because he’s mortal; a mutant. Upon meeting Phill, a money-grubbing “Troubleshooter” short on morals, Myeol is thrown into a life full of guns, bombs and death cults. But Myeol and Phill have more in common than meets the eye...

Source: Lezhin 

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Chapter 1

Immortal Days

Chapter 2

The Bomb Carrier (1)

Chapter 3

The Bomb Carrier (2)

Chapter 4

The Bomb Carrier (3)

Chapter 5

Year-round recruitment (1)

Chapter 6

Year-round recruitment (2)

Chapter 7

Year-round recruitment (3)

Chapter 8

The Whistleblower (1)

Chapter 9

The Whistleblower (2)

Chapter 10

The Whistleblower (3)

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