Ima wa Mada "Osananajimi no Imouto" Desu kedo. (Light Novel)

Vol: 4; Ch: 39
2020 - 2021
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Ima wa Mada "Osananajimi no Imouto" Desu kedo. (Light Novel)

You're loved by such an honest girl, doesn't that make you even the slightest bit happy!? That such a flirty Kouhai would follow you around all the time!? Futahara Touka, a childhood friend's younger sister, and a self proclaimed annoying little devil-type kouhai who enrolled in the same highschool. Apparently, she's also a "Self-proclaimed Senpai-worshipping beauty". And that beautiful little devil kouhai yet again came to pick me up early in the morning. "Senpai! Let's hold hands! Warm me up!" Only I, however, know that she's actually the naive, shy type that blushes just from holding hands, and gets extremely flustered inside while teasing me.. The show she puts on as the little-devil-character is just an act in order to get closer to me. And that she doesn't like me-- yet.

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